Mr. Aniki Samuel.
Cordinator,Student Affairs Unit.

The Student’s Affairs Unit of Confluence University of Science and Technology(CUSTECH), Osara, Kogi state was setup by the management of CUSTECH and a pioneer coordinator was the appointed on November 18th , 2021. The Students’ Affairs Unit is a division under the office of the Vice Chancellor. The Unit is supposedly headed by the Dean of Students’ who is a senior member of academic staff. The Dean is assisted by the Deputy Dean and a Secretary representing Registry Department. Other staff members include Guidance and Counselling, Psychologists, Sport Officers, Hall/Hotel Officers and Clerical Officers. However, this Unit at CUSTECH is operating for now without some of these Officers in place because of our infancy as a university nevertheless, the operations of the Unit has been running on smoothly with the immense cooperation of the Vice Chancellor and other Principal Officers of the University. The Unit is expected to provide non-academic services such as student welfare matters, career guidance and counselling, crises management, dressing codes, registration of acceptable clubs/societies/religious bodies and associations, recreation and sporting activities, NYSC mobilization as well as student disciplinary matters. It is also the responsibility of the Unit to regulate and control Student Union activities for the purpose of safeguarding national security public order and morality.
As a Unit, I must categorically state that we have enjoyed and still enjoying the cooperation and magnanimity of the Vice Chancellor, who serves as our Head and also the departmental coordinators, under which the students engage and interact more. Students of CUSTEH have also shown maturity and understanding with the rules emanating from the Unit. We have had no cause for alarm or any security breach from the students’ body. Our (Unit) collaborating with the University’s Security Department has been cordial and that has helped in maintaining peace and sanity on the campus. Our members of staff in the Unit are very hardworking in the discharge of their duties ever since the Unit was created. The student Affairs Unit of CUSTECH is a young department created as part of a young and fast-growing institution of Science and Technology in Kogi State. Our vision and focus is to build and rebuild the student body into individuals, who would turn out to be complete and total in should learning and good character. The eventual outcome and this objective is to have a society by extension, that would comprise of young, educated, refined and vibrant scientists and technologist who shall in turn, create a safe and viable environments for an enviable and a prosperous nation.