Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision

“To be a reputable world-class institution renowned for producing highly skilled, globally competitive graduates with strong affinity for practical problem-solving, and cutting-edge research output”

Our Mission

To provide a most conducive teaching and learning environment that robustly supports both the teachers and learners in cultivating and sustaining critical thinking culture as well as knowledge discovery, application, preservation and exchange, and promote strategic values for the intellectual development of humanity in general and the nation in particular”

Mission Points:

  1. Provide students with knowledge, skills and confidence consistent with ever changing world;
  2. Imbibe culture of inquisition that encourages scholarship and life-long learning in our students;
  3. Produce graduates that are self-dependent, highly employable and exhibit ethical behaviour in their professional practice;
  4. Inculcate into students leadership quality and excellence in service

Core Values

In conducting the business of the university within and in relation with outside, every member of the university community shall be guided by the following principles in its mission towards achieving its vision

  • Integrity: honesty, fairness, and ethical conduct, in all our institution activities and decision-making.
  • Excellence: consistently ensuring high-quality programmes, teaching, service, and innovative research that for solutions to challenges and advance frontiers of knowledge.
  • Inclusivity: practice the culture of all-inclusive learning, collegiality, facilitating the success of all people, and supporting all individuals irrespective of culture and challenges.
  • Accountability: be accountable for our actions and exercise responsible stewardship and prudent management of entrusted resources.
  • Respect: exhibit civility, sincerity of purpose, embracing diversity and professionalism in all actions and decision-making.
  • Collaboration: demonstrate collective interest through participation and teamwork towards achieving set objectives within and outside University taking into consideration divergent ideas and perspectives.
  • Innovation: encouraging, considering, and supporting development of ideas by fostering individual ingenuity and creativity and creating an environment with opportunities for growth and change.

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